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June 4th to July 17th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

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 June 4th to July 17th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

Hello World,
As of today June 17th I have 167 days or 14,428,800 seconds or 240,480 minutes or 4008 hours or 23 weeks (rounded down) to complete my mission. My goal, as you all may already know if you have been following my blog is to paint 104 paintings in 364 days… Time is ticking away. As of today I have completed 27 out of 104 which leaves me with 77 to go.

My latest paintings are as follows:

#26 Little Sad Girl Clown The 9th painting out of 30 for my Human Side of the Clown Series.- which can be viewed here:

#27 Purple Carnival Mask The 11th painting out of 30 for my Carnival Series – (Attached to this blog if I can add pictures) which can be viewed here:

I am currently working on a new clown for my Human Side of the Clown Series. The original photo was taken by myself at a parade event in Eureka Springs Arkansas. The clown in very popular in Eureka. I love all the color in the painting with her colorful braids and big hat. She will be the 10th Clown in the Series.

Not much has happened in my life other then I officially turned a year older since my last blog and I received a new I-Pad for the gift from my hubby which will make it very easy to show the pictures of my art if anybody asks.

In September there is going to be a artist festival at a local outdoor shopping mall. I was in it last year, but didn’t sell a thing. I did make some great contacts and the exposure is always wonderful, but I am not sure I want to do it again. What do you think? Helpful suggestions are always welcome.

The event lasts 3 days Friday the 10th September 4 to 9 – All day Saturday 9 to 9 – 1 to 5 on Sunday. Last year it rained a little but most of the time it was pleasant. But I was not the only artist who did not sell originals. Nobody really sold any. Prints were selling (I didn’t have any) and small cheaper works sold (the guy next door to me sold little 5 X 5 and 8 X 8 and 10 X 10 for 100 or less and he had a great stream of customers) I personally don’t like to work small and I just don’t know if the economy has improved enough to make it worth my while. The booth costs $300 + your time and I would be out that if nothing sold again. Not sure….

So while I work on my new painting that is the dilemma I will be pondering …

That is all I have for now my friends, be sure to check me out online and see what I have been working on. Until next time Happy painting!

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