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3-2-11 My how time flies

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3-2-11 My how time flies

Today 3-2-11 Well here we go again time sure passes fast, before I know it I let 2 months go by without a blog post.

As of right now I am currently working on the my Elated Elephant painting Which when finished will be painting #10 of 100 for the year. Which of course only leaves 90 and that really doesn’t seem like that big of a number.

The painting I just finished is called The grass is always greener… and was shown to the general public at Winter Progressive Dinner and Art Show on 3-1-11 and was met with rave reviews. The painting is posted with this blog.

The art show and progressive dinner represents the end of our 10 week session of art classes. We had a few tough times during the snow storms which always seemed to hit right before our classes but we made it thru. Each of my students made great strides in their work and I am proud of each of them.

This week I have off from teaching but will still be working toward a new art how this Saturday at a local fundraiser gala event featuring about 10 artist and their work and I have been chosen to be one of the lucky artist. It should be a great evening. I get to dress up and everything… might even put on makeup which I hardly ever do.

Then next week I will resume the normal work week and class schedule and try to find time to paint at home. Normal life around here will be the same until April.

In April I will be the featured artist at the White Lotus Salon and Massage located at 4750 E. Mission Blvd. Fayetteville, AR 72703 479-582-4806 . They will feature my work on their web site, have an artist reception for me and hang my paintings for 1 month. Great exposure! I am thrilled.

The current paintings I am working on are from photos taken at Disney Land during my trip to visit. I went on the jungle ride on the boats where you get to have a photo op with various South American animals who are all animated and they rise up out of the water and pose just right for great photo memories. I took full advantage of the boat ride and went at least 2 times once to scope the ride out and look for shots the other to actually take the shots. My favorite 2 images from the ride where of the Elephant coming to the water’s edge thru the bamboo woods and the hippo sticking out of the water. These too will go together in coloring and style and should look great when finished.

Then I will be creating a few images for children’s rooms based on some stories, fairy tales or poems. This is the warmer up group that will get me ready to paint the Disney images. I will be working on creating my own take on the Disney images so as to bring my own style and flavor to the images so I can try to become an official Disney artist. The way is clear and I know I can do it. Pray for me!!!!

Along the way I am going to create a self portrait of myself as a clown and maybe paint a clown or two to get my clown fix and then a carnival figure or two for the glitter and bright colors fix and then maybe a landscape or two and then a cow and some chickens and more horses….

Well I can’t say I will paint in that order what I have laid out but I will promise to continue to paint and to post on Facebook every inch of the way.

If you have not joined my fan page on Facebook please do I post every day I paint so you can follow the progress of the work and PLEASE write a comment… I love feedback. I really, really, really, really want to hear (or in this case see what you typed) your responses to my work, how does it make you feel, ect… I feed off of the feedback and it inspires me to work harder on days I don’t really feel like painting. So any feedback is great, keep it coming….

Love ya – Happy painting

Patty Sue
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