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May 6th Thru June 3rd 2010

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May 6th Thru  June 3rd 2010

As of today June 3rd 2010 I have 6 months, 29 days or 212 days or 18,316,800 seconds or 305,280 minutes or 5088 hours or 30 weeks (rounded down) to finish 79 more paintings to reach my goal of 104 before the end of the year. … I think that if I work really hard I might make it but we shall see I am almost finished with #26 Sad Little Girl Clown which will be the 8th painting in The Human Side of a Clown Series of paintings.
The last 3 paintings I have finished lately are called Red and Yellow Carnival Jester, Male Carnival Pirate, Female Carnival Pirate which are paintings 8,9, and 10 in my Carnival Series of paintings. All of which can be viewed on my Facebook fan page.
I now have more paintings then I have room to display so I will be rotating them around at my office and at my home. I currently have 46 painting hanging in my home. The picture I have attached to this blog shows a view of my living room toward the dining room there are 26 paintings in this area alone. Makes for a very colorful place to live. Actually if I go into a place that doesn’t have bright colorful paintings on the walls I really miss them.
Which brings to mind a discussion I had with my husband the other night. It has not gone unnoticed by him that I am painting more this year, I have already painted 25 paintings and all of last year I only painted 30. He is worried that I am creating work that is un-marketable that the colors are too bright, the images too large and bold and that people will not want to buy them.
Well first you have to understand that in our marriage I am the happy go lucky- things will work out, creative butterfly one and he is the planner the worrier, fix the problem, anything can go wrong- and it will, pessimistic type A personality. I once heard a preacher tell how what attracted him to his wife was the fact she was like a butterfly beautiful, spontaneous, creative and full of life… then they got married and he proceeded to try and change her or to pluck off her wings. This comparison makes since to me. Don’t get me wrong I love my Husband and I am very thankful he is the way he is because we balance each other out. I need a grounded person in my life to point out what I don’t see and to help me be a better person. So he holds on to my feet and doesn’t let me fly to far off the ground.
So that being said he was worried. I could tell he had pondered the quaintly of paintings that are mounting up and had made up his mind on how to fix the problem. He thinks we should pack up the trailer and travel to clown trade shows, become a vendor with a booth, and take photos of clowns to paint there portraits. Well I had thought of that but…. This is what has held me back. 1.) We own a clinic, where people count on us o provide a service and we can’t just hop on the trailer and go away for a spell. 2.) When it is all said and done I only have at this time 8 clown paintings to show. 3.) I am just not ready. I am making clown friends on Facebook right and left and I am finding some great material to paint. Not to mention if we did go to a trade show and I got some commissions my time is limited to work on them.
So I reassured him that God has a plan for me and my work. I think I will go directly to galleries at some point. That I will have 3 portfolios to market when I get ready for that step. That the right gallery will present itself when I am ready. I took a class on marketing to galleries and learned that you need to have at least 30 paintings ready to go in the style you presented for the galleries to market on your behalf. Well if I have 3 different portfolios then we are talking 90 paintings right there alone. I realize finding the right fit for each portfolio will be a challenge but I am a strong believer that God will provide when the time is right.
An example of how I think….I have looked online and I haven’t found a gallery that displays clown paintings yet! But I do know that I am not the first clown artist…Franklin Moody,R. Weaver, Barry Leighton Jones, DL (Rusty) Rust, Chuck Oberstein, Ron Lee, Ruth Sanderson and of course Red Skelton have all come before me an there are many other great artist that love to paint clowns. So maybe by the time I get enough clown paintings created to start looking for a gallery. Some place like Circus Circus in Las Vegas will decides to open a clown gallery under the big top. (They may already have a gallery in there I will be checking it out next time I am in Vegas) They may decide to have a show for emerging Clown artist…I could get discovered…. It could happen.
So have no fear I will keep painting away I will continue painting my 3 styles with a few animals and plants thrown in until God gives me a clear path to follow. One thing I do know is that the gallery will probably be in a big city where bright colors and big images and expressive faces do not scare the children.
Until next time happy painting.

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