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I have a new blog

May 18th, 2014

I have a new blog

I have started a new blog about great clowns and those who paint portraits of clowns. Come check it out. I also have been posting progress post on how my clowns are created.

Hope to see you there. Please leave a comment and follow the blog.
Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Clown Portrait Artist

3-2-11 My how time flies

March 3rd, 2011

3-2-11 My how time flies

Today 3-2-11 Well here we go again time sure passes fast, before I know it I let 2 months go by without a blog post.

As of right now I am currently working on the my Elated Elephant painting Which when finished will be painting #10 of 100 for the year. Which of course only leaves 90 and that really doesn’t seem like that big of a number.

The painting I just finished is called The grass is always greener… and was shown to the general public at Winter Progressive Dinner and Art Show on 3-1-11 and was met with rave reviews. The painting is posted with this blog.

The art show and progressive dinner represents the end of our 10 week session of art classes. We had a few tough times during the snow storms which always seemed to hit right before our classes but we made it thru. Each of my students made great strides in their work and I am proud of each of them.

This week I have off from teaching but will still be working toward a new art how this Saturday at a local fundraiser gala event featuring about 10 artist and their work and I have been chosen to be one of the lucky artist. It should be a great evening. I get to dress up and everything… might even put on makeup which I hardly ever do.

Then next week I will resume the normal work week and class schedule and try to find time to paint at home. Normal life around here will be the same until April.

In April I will be the featured artist at the White Lotus Salon and Massage located at 4750 E. Mission Blvd. Fayetteville, AR 72703 479-582-4806 . They will feature my work on their web site, have an artist reception for me and hang my paintings for 1 month. Great exposure! I am thrilled.

The current paintings I am working on are from photos taken at Disney Land during my trip to visit. I went on the jungle ride on the boats where you get to have a photo op with various South American animals who are all animated and they rise up out of the water and pose just right for great photo memories. I took full advantage of the boat ride and went at least 2 times once to scope the ride out and look for shots the other to actually take the shots. My favorite 2 images from the ride where of the Elephant coming to the water’s edge thru the bamboo woods and the hippo sticking out of the water. These too will go together in coloring and style and should look great when finished.

Then I will be creating a few images for children’s rooms based on some stories, fairy tales or poems. This is the warmer up group that will get me ready to paint the Disney images. I will be working on creating my own take on the Disney images so as to bring my own style and flavor to the images so I can try to become an official Disney artist. The way is clear and I know I can do it. Pray for me!!!!

Along the way I am going to create a self portrait of myself as a clown and maybe paint a clown or two to get my clown fix and then a carnival figure or two for the glitter and bright colors fix and then maybe a landscape or two and then a cow and some chickens and more horses….

Well I can’t say I will paint in that order what I have laid out but I will promise to continue to paint and to post on Facebook every inch of the way.

If you have not joined my fan page on Facebook please do I post every day I paint so you can follow the progress of the work and PLEASE write a comment… I love feedback. I really, really, really, really want to hear (or in this case see what you typed) your responses to my work, how does it make you feel, ect… I feed off of the feedback and it inspires me to work harder on days I don’t really feel like painting. So any feedback is great, keep it coming….

Love ya – Happy painting

Patty Sue
Facebook fan page PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair – Vicknair Artist

New Year New Goals for 2011

January 12th, 2011

New Year New Goals for 2011

New Year New Goal. Well it is already 2011 I find that hard to believe. Let me start by reporting on my successes from last year. I did not complete the planned 104 paintings in 364 days. But that has not stopped me because I did make it to 43 paintings in 1 year. Which is more than the 15 I did the year before that. I am still encouraged. I really should put the limit at 50 this year, but I am going to go ahead and shoot for 100. You never know I may reach it. However I do have some rather large paintings planned and they take more time so I am sure that will cut into my quantity goal. Since I do not skimp on quality for quantity it will be what it will be.
Since I have not blogged since July let me fill you on what has been going on. I started teaching Acrylic painting classes 2 nights a week for adults and I really enjoy it. I teach Wed nights and Thursday nights from 7ish to 9ish at the Art Location in Fayetteville, AR. We do 10 week sessions with an art show at the finish of the session. I am now on my 2nd session and it really has been fun. I have made some great art friends and met some wonderful people along the way we have even managed to create some great art.

Four of my paintings were selected to be placed in a local gallery here in Fayetteville. Then 1 painting was chosen to be placed in a local gallery in Rogers.

I had several of my works on display in local eating establishments for about a month and received lots of great feedback.

I entered a local art festival and sold a few paintings and lots of prints in September.

I had a one woman art show featuring over 60 works at Arkansas Laser Solutions on Dec 18th for the holidays. I sold a few prints and a painting or 2 for Christmas. Which was a great way to end the year.

This year lots of stuff is already happening. I will be having a one woman show at the White Lotus Spa in Fayetteville in April and I will be one of the featured artist on their web site.

I have new paintings planned for the year that will take me in a different direction. I plan on painting more animals and flowers and modern landscapes. It should be really fun. I also see some boats in my future… Also I will be trying to become a Disney Fine Artist so I will be creating works to submit to Disney. Cross your fingers.. I think I can, I think I can ….

I will also be creating some works for children’s rooms. I love bright colors they love bright colors – I like fun happy images they like fun happy images… it ‘s a good fit. We shall see what I come up with.

I will also be signing up with a local trade organization to sell art to various local businesses. Also will be offering my talent for animal and people portraits with them.

So lots to do and so little time to do it in. That is all that has been going on. Right now I am working on my latest painting of 3 horses and I will post with this Blog a photo of my last work which was a commission for a local spa of a purple Iris.

Check out my Facebook Fan page PS-OV-ART for daily posts and progress pictures of each painting. We now have over 800 fans.

Thank you for taking to time to check this out Your friend in the art world Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist

June 4th to July 17th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

July 17th, 2010

 June 4th to July 17th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

Hello World,
As of today June 17th I have 167 days or 14,428,800 seconds or 240,480 minutes or 4008 hours or 23 weeks (rounded down) to complete my mission. My goal, as you all may already know if you have been following my blog is to paint 104 paintings in 364 days… Time is ticking away. As of today I have completed 27 out of 104 which leaves me with 77 to go.

My latest paintings are as follows:

#26 Little Sad Girl Clown The 9th painting out of 30 for my Human Side of the Clown Series.- which can be viewed here:

#27 Purple Carnival Mask The 11th painting out of 30 for my Carnival Series – (Attached to this blog if I can add pictures) which can be viewed here:

I am currently working on a new clown for my Human Side of the Clown Series. The original photo was taken by myself at a parade event in Eureka Springs Arkansas. The clown in very popular in Eureka. I love all the color in the painting with her colorful braids and big hat. She will be the 10th Clown in the Series.

Not much has happened in my life other then I officially turned a year older since my last blog and I received a new I-Pad for the gift from my hubby which will make it very easy to show the pictures of my art if anybody asks.

In September there is going to be a artist festival at a local outdoor shopping mall. I was in it last year, but didn’t sell a thing. I did make some great contacts and the exposure is always wonderful, but I am not sure I want to do it again. What do you think? Helpful suggestions are always welcome.

The event lasts 3 days Friday the 10th September 4 to 9 – All day Saturday 9 to 9 – 1 to 5 on Sunday. Last year it rained a little but most of the time it was pleasant. But I was not the only artist who did not sell originals. Nobody really sold any. Prints were selling (I didn’t have any) and small cheaper works sold (the guy next door to me sold little 5 X 5 and 8 X 8 and 10 X 10 for 100 or less and he had a great stream of customers) I personally don’t like to work small and I just don’t know if the economy has improved enough to make it worth my while. The booth costs $300 + your time and I would be out that if nothing sold again. Not sure….

So while I work on my new painting that is the dilemma I will be pondering …

That is all I have for now my friends, be sure to check me out online and see what I have been working on. Until next time Happy painting!

Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist= PS-OV-ART
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May 6th Thru June 3rd 2010

June 4th, 2010

May 6th Thru  June 3rd 2010

As of today June 3rd 2010 I have 6 months, 29 days or 212 days or 18,316,800 seconds or 305,280 minutes or 5088 hours or 30 weeks (rounded down) to finish 79 more paintings to reach my goal of 104 before the end of the year. … I think that if I work really hard I might make it but we shall see I am almost finished with #26 Sad Little Girl Clown which will be the 8th painting in The Human Side of a Clown Series of paintings.
The last 3 paintings I have finished lately are called Red and Yellow Carnival Jester, Male Carnival Pirate, Female Carnival Pirate which are paintings 8,9, and 10 in my Carnival Series of paintings. All of which can be viewed on my Facebook fan page.
I now have more paintings then I have room to display so I will be rotating them around at my office and at my home. I currently have 46 painting hanging in my home. The picture I have attached to this blog shows a view of my living room toward the dining room there are 26 paintings in this area alone. Makes for a very colorful place to live. Actually if I go into a place that doesn’t have bright colorful paintings on the walls I really miss them.
Which brings to mind a discussion I had with my husband the other night. It has not gone unnoticed by him that I am painting more this year, I have already painted 25 paintings and all of last year I only painted 30. He is worried that I am creating work that is un-marketable that the colors are too bright, the images too large and bold and that people will not want to buy them.
Well first you have to understand that in our marriage I am the happy go lucky- things will work out, creative butterfly one and he is the planner the worrier, fix the problem, anything can go wrong- and it will, pessimistic type A personality. I once heard a preacher tell how what attracted him to his wife was the fact she was like a butterfly beautiful, spontaneous, creative and full of life… then they got married and he proceeded to try and change her or to pluck off her wings. This comparison makes since to me. Don’t get me wrong I love my Husband and I am very thankful he is the way he is because we balance each other out. I need a grounded person in my life to point out what I don’t see and to help me be a better person. So he holds on to my feet and doesn’t let me fly to far off the ground.
So that being said he was worried. I could tell he had pondered the quaintly of paintings that are mounting up and had made up his mind on how to fix the problem. He thinks we should pack up the trailer and travel to clown trade shows, become a vendor with a booth, and take photos of clowns to paint there portraits. Well I had thought of that but…. This is what has held me back. 1.) We own a clinic, where people count on us o provide a service and we can’t just hop on the trailer and go away for a spell. 2.) When it is all said and done I only have at this time 8 clown paintings to show. 3.) I am just not ready. I am making clown friends on Facebook right and left and I am finding some great material to paint. Not to mention if we did go to a trade show and I got some commissions my time is limited to work on them.
So I reassured him that God has a plan for me and my work. I think I will go directly to galleries at some point. That I will have 3 portfolios to market when I get ready for that step. That the right gallery will present itself when I am ready. I took a class on marketing to galleries and learned that you need to have at least 30 paintings ready to go in the style you presented for the galleries to market on your behalf. Well if I have 3 different portfolios then we are talking 90 paintings right there alone. I realize finding the right fit for each portfolio will be a challenge but I am a strong believer that God will provide when the time is right.
An example of how I think….I have looked online and I haven’t found a gallery that displays clown paintings yet! But I do know that I am not the first clown artist…Franklin Moody,R. Weaver, Barry Leighton Jones, DL (Rusty) Rust, Chuck Oberstein, Ron Lee, Ruth Sanderson and of course Red Skelton have all come before me an there are many other great artist that love to paint clowns. So maybe by the time I get enough clown paintings created to start looking for a gallery. Some place like Circus Circus in Las Vegas will decides to open a clown gallery under the big top. (They may already have a gallery in there I will be checking it out next time I am in Vegas) They may decide to have a show for emerging Clown artist…I could get discovered…. It could happen.
So have no fear I will keep painting away I will continue painting my 3 styles with a few animals and plants thrown in until God gives me a clear path to follow. One thing I do know is that the gallery will probably be in a big city where bright colors and big images and expressive faces do not scare the children.
Until next time happy painting.

Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist= PS-OV-ART
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April 29th to May 5th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

May 5th, 2010

April 29th to May 5th 2010 Fine Artist Blog

I am happy to report that I have syccessfully completed 23 paintings
which leaves 81 paintings to finish before the end of the year.

I know it was a big jump to go from 7 paintings to 23 but I felt the
power of a abstraction weekend overcome me and I went with the flow.
While I was completeing the first 13 abstract paintings I also
reworked 2 old abstracts and made them into something new and I
finally finished an unusual abstract for me - so I am counting
them... Total = 23 so far.

I am tring to explore other forms of painting besides clowns and
carnival figures. That is why I have created digital works and why I
play with abstracts every now and then. One thing you will notice is
that my abstracts (painted or digital) all play with bold color. So
in that since I am still being true to myself.

I have posted a photo of my last painting before the abstract bug hit
which was of a Female Pirate. This painting has a companion painting
of a Male Pirate which I am working on now. This is also the 9th painting in my Carnival Series.

If you would like to see my abstracts you will have to check out my
Facebook Fan page or Flickr. Both of them have me listed as PSOVART.

As to the digital works I have posted some of them on Facebook and some on
Imagekind and Fineartamerica. I myself have not printed any of the
images, but I want too. I just don't have space to display them. My
walls at work and at home are full.

I think I need to sell a few more paintings to make room. Sales are
happening but they are slowly building. One fun thing to note my fans
on facebook have increased to over 500 and I am getting great feedback.

So that is all for now, so until next time happy painting!
Patty Sue O'Hair-Vicknair

April 7th thru April 28th 2010

April 29th, 2010

April 7th thru April 28th 2010

Hello Art Friends,
Things have been moving right along. I have officially finished 2 more paintings I will post one here then post the other in a few days. This makes the 6 and 7th paintings in my quest to finish 104 before the end of the year.

#6 is called Red and Yellow Carnival Jester and is the 7th painting in my Carnival Series of paintings.

I am currently working -
Finished the Female Pirate tonight will post in a few days. This will be #7 in quest for 104 and #8 in Carnival Series of paintings.
13 color impressions abstracts which I will finish in a few days. ( I will post these on my Facebook Fan page)
Male Pirate 1/4 of the way done will be working on this painting this week.

I have drawn, but not paintied yet several clowns and Carnival masks and some vegetables.

I am trying to spend more time with my hubby and we have been working very hard. Life got a little more complicated when he fell off a ladder and broke the bone in the ball joint of his left arm... Thank goodness it wasn't his right arm so he can still laser people. He is working and taking his drugs and trying to decide what to do for it.

We also got a new puppy and have been enjoying taking care of him. We named him Cledus... I know whatkind of a name is that for a cute puppy. Well we already have Smokey and the Bandit so now we have Cledus too - which was Jerry Reid in the movie.

I tried to enter into a local artsfest in Bentonville but I was not accepted... oh well there loss

I sold 2 paintings this week and I sold several cards with some of my clown images on them.

Also this last week I won a online art contest.... Yea! I entered one of my watercolors in a family art contest and wouldn't you know it won.

Drum roll please the biggest news is that we have officially reached 500 fans on my Fan art page with Facebook!!!!!! It has taken awhile but my friends are becoming fans in order to stay up to date on my latest works.

I also created around 100 digital works and posted them online in Facebook, Imagekind and FineArtAmerica. Fun with abstract, color and circles. Check them out if you want. I am going to get a few printed myself they turned out really cool.

Well that is all that is going on right now .. Until my next post Happy painting!

Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist PS-OV-ART

Feb 26th Thru April 6th 2010

April 7th, 2010

Feb 26th Thru April 6th 2010

Hello world,
I have not updated my blog lately, life has been hectic. However I did not realize that it had been so long between blogs. My last blog was on Feb 25th and now it is April 6th … Where did the time go? Sorry World I will try to do better.

Well I now have 270 days left in the year and I have completed another painting. YEA!!! #5 of 104 paintings is done (see attached for a photo)

I have been reminded every day, by my husband, every time he catches me playing Farmville on Facebook, just how far behind I am. My type A husband is enjoying rubbing my face in how far behind I am in reaching myself imposed goal that he created a program where all he has to do is type in how many days are left in the year and how many paintings I have completed by that date and the program spits out a number that tells him that in order to keep my goal I have to produce a new painting every __ days. Well at last count it I had to produce a new painting every 2.8 days. He really is having too much fun with this.

Now, realistically can I paint a painting every 2.8 days while maintaining my personal level of quality, and working a full time job and still having fun in life… No I don’t think so . The painting I just finished was 36 X 48 was from one of my own photos and it took me 1 month to paint. So no I can’t. I may have to cut the number back to 50 paintings this year.

The painting I am working on right now will be done after one more week night working on it. However, it is only 24 X 18. So size does matter and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I have been in Carnival mood lately my last three plus the next 5 paintings will be Carnival paintings for my Carnival Series. I found a couple of wonderful photographers on Flickr who attended the Venice Carnival season and took amazing photos. They have been kind enough to let me paint them. I am drawn to the bright colors and the magic that can be seen in each photo or I would not have chosen the image.

I have also found on Flickr and from a local photographer some great clowns for my “The human side of the clown” series. One is a little girl with deep blue eyes and a cute little sad clown face photo taken by her proud Daddy, who graciously said I could paint the image. A couple of other clowns are of a local clown from Eureka Springs – I took one of the photos from a parade in 07 and I found the other on Facebook and asked if I could paint it. I will have to find out her name from one of my Facebook Eureka Springs buddies. She is so expressive and colorful.

I have also been searching on Facebook for new Clown friends across the world. I have been making new friends daily. I have found so far several photos I am interested in and I have permission from 3 so far to let me paint the images. I see lots of bright color in my future.

I also put the word out on Facebook that I am looking for images of clowns and I had a clown friend contact me with a photo of him as a clown. The photo was great as a photo of him but it was not a photo that would translate well into a painting. I am afraid I hurt his feelings when I told him I couldn’t see the twinkle in his eyes. He unfriended me… Oops, I didn’t mean to in any way say the photo wasn’t good or that he looked bad as a clown his outfit and makeup was great-sort of a cowboy clown. What I tried to say was that the outfit was great but the image doesn’t have that certain something that I was looking for. I offered to come and take some photos of him at a local event (he doesn’t live to far from me) but he was already offended by that time and it was too late.

So I guess I had better clarify what I am looking for in photos. I am not looking for just a photo of a clown. I want the personality of the clown to come thru. If you look at my work you will see each clown I have chosen causes you to feel an emotion. Some make you giggle, smile or just plain happy or sad. How can a photo or a painting do this? Simply by having a direct connection between the eyes and the mouth. When you smile it shows in your eyes, which is something my photographer Father taught me. I try to pass that smile on to the onlooker thru the image I have chosen to paint. In order to pass any emotion along to the viewer it is essential to my paintings that the image be up close and personal so that we can see the twinkle in the eyes. It has to come across as genuine to the viewer.

So when I find a photo online I like that draws me in, I ask if I can paint the image. I have been turned down a few times but that is life. I have been sent several that I will consider just by putting the word out there by several clown friends. So of them I don’t feel drawn to paint right now but will return to at a later time. The painting I just finished I hung on to the photo we took on a trip in 2003 but I didn’t feel ready to paint it until now. So this is a moody business. I will tell you that if I am not one hundred percent behind an image I will not paint it. This is what I do for fun and it’s not fun if you’re not totally involved. But if I love it, I will pounce on it and try to get permission to use it.

So if you submit a photo to me on Facebook or by email ( please don’t be offended if I come back to you wondering if you have more of the same image but with different views or at different angles or something. Sometimes the one you don’t really care for is the one that would really translate wonderfully to canvas. Trust me once I am done with it, you will love it as much as I will.

Well enough chatter I have 36 new paintings lined up sketched and ready to start painting…. But first I must check my crops.

Patty Sue

PS: Look for me on Facebook I have a personal page and a fan page where I update the paintings as I work on them so you can track my progress and post comments. PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O’Hair Vicknair Artist is what I can be found under. If you just search pages and type in PSOVART I will be the first one to come up.

Feb 9th thru 25th

February 26th, 2010

Feb 9th thru 25th

Hello world,
I have not posted in a while so I will try to get you caught up on what has been happening in my life. First off I finished another painting so #4 of the 104 is complete so I now have 309 days left to complete 100 paintings.

I call my newest creation Black and Gold Carnival Mask and it is the 6th painting in my Carnival Series. It took me awhile to paint cause I have not really had time to paint. Work has been very busy (this is our busy season) and by the time we get home and eat a little, watch American Idol it really has been too late to start painting besides I am worn out.

Today I was determined to finish his painting so I made a point to get to the art room ASAP and get started. After American Idol of course.

I went on Sunday to a one woman art show of a good friend Artist Catheryn Brimberry at the White Lotus Salon and Message in Fayetteville AR. While I was visiting with the owners I showed them my portfolio which I have on my Itouch and they booked me for my own one woman show but it is not until April 2011. So let’s just all hope that all the other artist who are on the list before me suddenly decide to move to Florida and a spot comes up sooner. Ha Ha ... I know it is a ways off but that gives me time to paint new works.

I also plan on being in the Bentonville Arkansas Artwalk this year which is either in May or June. Also I will try to do the art show in Rogers that I did last year. I might even try to be entered in our big arts and crafts fair in October. These are all art fairs or festivals and I would enjoy doing them but I really am not concentrating on those I really am trying to get a big body of work done to approach galleries with. I don't have the time to do the artwork and the marketing I want to just let a gallery take care of that end. But it doesn’t hurt to get your name out there.

I am also working on connecting with Clowns. I need to find Clowns who are willing to let me take a photo of them to paint or willing to send me a great photo they already have of a wonderful clown face to paint. I am in the process of connecting over the internet with a few and several clown organizations. Do you know a clown? Show them my work and have them contact me…PLEASE

I went to our local Mardi Gras Parade in Fayetteville, froze my butt off, trying to get photos of people in masks... not sure it was worth it this year. However I did connect with a photographer from Eureka Springs who takes wonderful photos and he had a few from the Eureka Gras parade that he said I could paint... so I am finding subject matter.

I currently have subject matter picked out and lined up for about 30 paintings so if I kick it into high gear I should start cranking them out. I also just ordered 36 canvases and they came in this week so let the painting begin. I was so excited it was like Christmas to open each box.

Well that is all that is going on right now. I think I will paint a little girl sad clown next. She is 3, blonde, and cute Her father took the photo. He is very interested to see the final outcome. Come to think of it, so am I .

Patty Sue O'Hair- Vicknair Artist

February 1 through the 8th

February 9th, 2010

February 1 through the 8th

As of today February 9, 2010 we have 326 days left in the year and I have successfully completed 3 paintings done and 101 paintings to go.

Painting #1 Cougar
Painting #2 Majestic Lion
Painting #3 Tiger (see Attached photo)

Lined up for the next several paintings…. Not in this order
Carnival black feather with gold mask for my Carnival Series
Gold and green Carnival figure
A little Girl Clown for The Human Side of a Clown Series
Eureka Springs Mardi Gras Clown For The Human Side of the Clown Series
Orange Flower Center
Purple Iris
Blue Flower
Girl with Umbrella Watercolor
Several Abstracts
Colonial Williamsburg paintings for a series
Sports Series with a twist
American Indian Series

So as you can see I have the work lined up… however I need to buy some more canvases so I will probably work on a few watercolors first because I have lots of watercolor paper right now.

I have found that deciding what to paint is half the battle. Part of the process of painting is finding the image I want to paint and organizing it in my head. I spend time thinking about what medium to use, canvas or paper, cropping of the image, colors that will be used. All of this is decided in my head before I pick up a paint brush. This is time consuming…. But one thing I do know is, I can’t start the painting until this process is complete or I will not be happy with the finished image.

So now you have a little insight into my process.

I will paint as much as I can when I get home in the evenings and on weekends. This is our busy season at work and we own our own business so we are working long days right now. One new thing that happened Kevin bought me the new tennis shoe the Stretchers… ( For Valentines Day) I have worn them 3 days so far and I have noticed that at the end of the day I seem to have more energy… I am excited.

Well goodnight all – Until next blog update be safe and warm.

Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist= PS-OV-ART
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January 28th to 31st 2010

February 1st, 2010

January 28th to 31st 2010

As of today I ave 335 days left in the year and I have completed 3 paintings of the 104 paintings I hope to complete this year.

Well, I am fudging a little on the 3 paintings done. Attached is my latest painting and I am pretty sure I am almost done with it but I think I will look at it closely and add a few touches and I am not totally happy with the bottom lip and jaw area. But after I fix whatever is bugging me about it - the painting will be done.

My hubby has pointed out that I took 31 days to paint 3 paintings and at this rate I am only goiing to get 36 paintings done. Well that is true I have only completed 3 paintings I have started 5 or 6. But I realize I will need to kick it into high gear and start producing more.

No excuses I will just have to work harder.

Oh well once again it is 1:30 in the morning - we have to work on Monday so I need to go to bed. We will be playing catch up all week, because we took a week to go visit Kevins family in VA and we had a nice time. However, we drove and it took 2 days each way to drive. Then when we were ready to return to work on Friday and Saturday, a massive snow storm struck. Which left us with 5 -8 inches of snow depending on your location. Both days cancelled out and we will have to work later to make them up, but it is not worth risking your life to have veins or hair removed or getting a new face. We can always reschedule at a later safer time. But it does make an already busy schedule even busier. Pray that I will have strength to paint when I get home each night.

Well thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. If your on Facebook become my friend and please become a fan of my fan page. I love facebook a little too much. But I am almost always online daily.

Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist

January 18th to January 27 2010

January 28th, 2010

January 18th to January 27 2010

As of today January 27th we have 339 days to go and I have 102 paintings to go before the end of the year. Yes, I finished another painting. The Majestic Lion (attached to this blog) was started at home then taken on the road with us to visit family. I worked on the painting in the evenings after everyone else went to bed (cause that is when I usually paint anyway). I was able to finish this one and start the Tiger painting I will post a photo of the tiger with my next blog.

I have found that sticking too a regular schedual is really harder then I thought it would be. But I did work on the paintings while on vacation and I actually found it relaxing to have something to do that I was very comfortable with. However, this did cut into my reading time. I like to use my vacation time to read a good book or two and since I painted instead, well I am afraid my reading just didn't get done. Oh well I can't do everything.

Well folks it is late and I need sleep we drove for the last two days to get home and I am tired. Goodnight all.

Patty Sue

PS: I have posted several photos of the progression of the Lion and of the Tiger to both Flickr and to my facebook fan page.

January 15 thru 17th 2010

January 18th, 2010

January 15 thru 17th 2010

As of today January 17th, 2010 I have 1 painting complete 103 paintings to go and 349 days to complete them. This weekend I planned on working on and finishing about 5 paintings... yea right. Life got in the way. Friday night I after we got off work late I had a sinus headache... I can't paint when my head hurts. Saturday we had to clean house cause I have been working on painting so much it really needed it, so I was unable to get to painting till after 9:00 PM but I made the most of it and worked on 4 different works. Sunday I worked around the house and woke up late so didn't get any painting done before we had to go to my sisters for dinner with family that came to visit from Denver. However we got home around 10:30 and I started working and I just now stopped at 1:45 AM. (which is ok, cause I do some of my best work after 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM) I am a night owl by nature. However I will be dragging at 8:00 in the morning when I have to get up for work.

Tonight I worked on my Majestic Lion painting. (See attached photo to this blog.) Saturday night I was able to get the base coat of color and the background painted so tonight I worked on adding some darker color more definiation around the face and shadowing. The shadowing is going to be a large part of this painting. In order for the fur to really look like fur you have to have the darks mixed in with the lights. This requires patients and skill to really go in and work in small areas and paint each area at a time. So that kind of detail is yet to come but the underliying colors are layed in.

He is really starting to take shape. I love the blue background in contrast with the golds of his fur. This is really fun to paint.

I have been posting step by step photos of the process on my facebook fan page if you haven't joined, please do it is wonderful to converse with my friends and fellow artist. I can be found under PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair Vicknair Artist.

Of course I am also on Fine Art where prints and originals can be bought. Also I am on where prints of my work can be purchased and applied to all kinds of items like t-shirts or ties, coffee cups, mouse pads. search for psovart123 (We have my paintings on all our mouse pads at work). I can also be found on imagekind where prints complete with frame, mat board, and glass can be purchased.

Well enough about where you can find my work for sale. I really am happy when a sale happens but, I really do the art because it is something I just have to do. I am just excited when others like my work and tell me how much they love one of my paintings whether it sells or not... but that is not why I do the work. I don't have to support myself with my art so it is my love, my joy, my fustration, and my outlet. When I paint time flies and the world seems good and safe.

On a serious note: The world has watched as Haiti suffers a devastating blow. My heart goes out to the people. Please give if you can it is up to us to make a difference. They are in my prayers.

Well off to bed for me. Goodnight all
Patty Sue

January 13 and 14th 2010

January 15th, 2010

January 13 and 14th 2010

As of today January 14th 2010, I have 352 days to go and 103 paintings to finish... That is right I finally finished the Cougar ( I need to spell check more often I spelled it Couger in all my other postings... oops). Tonight I finished the small details and finishing touches. I think it turned out nice. What do you think? Next for this painting is to get it over to Scotts Frame and Art so that a great digital image of the work can be created. Once I have the digital files I will upload the photo of the painting to Imagekind, Zazzle, Fine Art America, Redbubble and Artwanted. I also post step by step photos to my fan page on Facebook and to Flickr.

One of my favorite things to do is to post online cause you get instant feedback (usually positive) from your peers and fans. The comments are always fun to read and they encourage me to move forward with the next project.

Now that I have completed the first painting I will have to get to work really hard over the weekend because I am behind in the quantity of paintings I had hoped to complete by this time of the month by about 5 paintings... My hubby is having a good time reminding me that I should be further along than I am. Oh well, maybe I can make it up along the way. Some paintings take longer than others so I hope I can catch up at some point.

Only time will tell.. Goodnight all if your reading this drop me a note to say hello.
Patty Sue

January 9th thru 12th

January 13th, 2010

January 9th thru 12th

As of today we have 354 days left in the year and I have 104 paintings to complete... Not making much progress this weekend I will work really hard to try and catch up... I was only able to paint from 10 to 1:30 tonight ... Well what can I say except American Idol started tonight. It has also come o my attention how much time I spend playing Facebook games so my farms are becoming reduced down in size so they are more manageable and less time consuming.

I am addicted to Farmville, Cafe world, Country life, and Island Paradise... They are fun but way to time if I am going to come anywhere close to meeting my goal I will have to back away from the computer and put the mouse down. Pray for me ....

Tonight I worked on the Acrylic Cougar painting. I am 3/4 of the way done one more night and he will be finished (See photo with this blog). I worked on painting the fur, softening the overall look of the animal, the bark on the tree - which by the way is very textured, and just really detail. Tomorrow I will be working on a little more of the fur, the whiskers and giving it the finishing touches with a very small brush that really make my paintings pop.

Today has been a long day so I will be turning in now. Goodnight Blog world happy painting...

Patty Vicknair

PS: If you’re on twitter I go by PSOVART - on Facebook I have a fan page PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair Vicknair Artist Look for me, let’s be friends. If you join let me know you came from my blog.... nice to know if you have readers (helps to get me motivated)

I just did a spell check and I have been spelling couger wrong should be Cougar..... oops.

January 5th thru 9th.

January 10th, 2010

January 5th thru 9th.

Well this is harder then I thought it would be... 357 days to go and I still have 104 paintings to go. I am 3/4 of the way done with the Couger painting and I have the next three paintings drawn. I guess the busy season has hit for us at our company and it is just hard to work all day and come home and have to paint - I guess I am worried this will become a job, I will not want to do at all. Painting has always been my "me time" what I do to relax, where the only person I have to please is myself.

So I have discovered that I have to do some soul searching and force myself to come home and paint. Once I start it will be easy cause I get into it. But I need to paint every night even if I can only fit in 1 hour of painting after a long day.

So some self revelation and self discovery before I really kick it into high gear and produce the work. I can do this I just am off to a slow start.

My biggest battle is my Hubby. He is rubbing it in that I should already be on my 3rd painting by now ... so dispite the negative vibe I am getting from his corner - I will press forward.

I have attached the photo from which I am painting my 1st painting in the series.

Patty Sue Vicknair

January 3rd and 4th

January 5th, 2010

January 3rd and 4th

Today on Monday January 4th -362 days left in the year and I still have 104 paintings to complete. However I do have the next 4 paintings drawn and one actually has paint on it as you can tell by the Couger painting I posted along with this blog. I drew the Lion but the couger is really what pulled me in. So instead of painting the lion first the couger won. You have to go with your energy pull - art is a very emotional thing. I have to be involved with the image to paint it. So of the 4 I drew this one won.

I will finish it this week and jump right in to the next painting. Which may be the lion this time.

Our weather has been really, really, really cold and snowy. Not normal for this time of year... well I say that but we have gotten use to light winters over the past 20 years so we were do for a bad one. This may be it. Hubby had car accident with his car so we are down to one car... boo wooo. But we will be just fine.

If anybody is reading this blog I would love to hear from you at some point once I get further along and actually have something to say. I think I will have to type this earlier in the day its after 1:00 AM now and I am having trouble figuring out what to say.

So talk at you later...
(Patty Vicknair)

The 1st 2 days of the year

January 2nd, 2010

The 1st 2 days of the year

Well the year is getting off to a slow start. Day 2 of 365 104 painting to go.

Today I met with the proud new owner of the #1 print of my Santa Claus painting - I took his photo with his wonderful new print which I uploaded.

On the 1st I spent the day choosing 2 to 6 images for my next paintings.
Today the 2nd. Has almost gotten away from me. However I am about to do the sketches for the 1st two paintings that I have to get done this week.

1st will be a Lion and the Second will be a Couger. Both photos were taken by me at the Eureka Springs turpentine Creek BigCat Refuge

Please donate if you can they do get work for abused, neglected and abandoned big cats for the life of the cat. It's also a great place to visit and take photos or just to sit and watch the animals.

Well back to work. I did the math I have to do a painting every 3.5 days to stay on target for my goal. One of my buddies on facebook (PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair- Vicknair Artist's on facebook) pointed out that is a 700 % increase in my out put.... I will be doing my best to complete it. Great thing that I am a fast painter. However coming up with subject matter is more time consuming then I thought it would be.

Later tonight we are going to Downstream Casino to have dinner and gamble a little for our 16 year aniversary. I told my hubby that I was going to paint 104 this year and he said I guess I will see you next year. Painting is sort of a loaner activity. But I made a promise not to neglect him so I will pay some attention to him tonight.

So good by for today I have some drawing to do.

Goal for the New Year 2010

December 31st, 2009

Goal for the New Year 2010

Well it has been a wonderful year creatively. 2009 has almost come to an end and I did not reach my goal for the year but I did produce some great paintings and I had some fun. This coming year I decided I would write about my journey into trying to make it in the as a real artist. I have a few objectives for the year. Some of them are a little ambitious, I admit and they will be a struggle to complete, but, I need to have something to strive for.

First let me cover the things I have learned and completed in the last year.
First here is what I have completed in the last year.
I completed around 15 paintings. I took 2 courses on Art Marketing. I entered 1 Art Festival. I entered 2 Art Shows. I was chosen to be one of the select artist to enter a huge 4 X 8 foot painting in the Eureka Springs Artery (check it out at I signed up for around 10 Art web sites. I was able to start the creation of my personal web site. I created a Artist Fan page on Facebook called PS-OV-ART Patty Sue O'Hair - Vicknair Artist ( Look me up lets be friends) I had around 45 of my works professionally scanned so that I can make high quality prints. I sold several prints of not only my paintings but some of my photography as well.
All of this while working a full time job and maintaining a relationship and playing my games on Facebook.

What I have learned: Selling art is really hard. The marketing part of the art is almost a full time job unto itself and not as much fun. That my paintings are not going to please everyone. That some people are really scared of clowns. That I need to paint 104 paintings a year to make a living. That I really fell short of that goal this year.

So my objective for the new year is to blog about my struggle to paint and get the 104 paintings done. To create the 104 paintings while still staying true to my style. I hope to connect with a few of you as you learn about why I choose that particular image to paint and the struggle to get the work done. All the while working a full time job and paying a little attention to my hubby and my pets.

So please if you have any words of encouragement or if you just have a question, feel free to send me a note I will address them here in the blog.

I will start this adventure on January 1st 2010 day 1 - 364 days to go and 104 paintings to paint.....

PS: Please excuse my type errors and the lack of punctuation - I was drawing in my note book when they were teaching all of that in school.